Heart Beat by Five


that feeling when you can’t explain what’s going on

when you have nothing to lean on

just the feelings you keep within

makes it more easy to destroy everything


it’s like a heart pounding sound

pierced, bruised and can’t be found

with nothing to hold on to

but the reality that everything thy felt is true


prisoned by you, obscure and anew

yet for one thing is sure

thy heart beats still for you

can’t be stopped, can’t be numbed, can’t believe that its still you


drain thy heart from all anxiety

freed thy will from all pain

calm thy soul through the rush

cast away all illusions in a hush


thy heart shall survive

even if thy love won’t thrive

still it’s given in a scale of five

that everything thy feel is meant to revive


I wrote this today august 25, 2012 11:32 pm 







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