Ought to remeber


when I was younger

I’ve thought of forever

and that is with you and me together

I just ought to remember

of how good you are

and of how you made me feel better

with your smile that’s sweet

and a soul that’s deep as i gaze into your eyes

I just can’t help but shiver

you don’t know how dear you are

of how you changed my life

of how great impact you’ve left

and how high standards you’ve set

you’ll never know that you’ve meant everything to me

it’s like you’re all I’ve want

and am ought to remember


my everyday that i spent with you

even farther at least together

I allowed myself to be into much wonder

fonder emotions that even now i can’t recover

am ought to remember

of how you say my name

of how you drive me crazier

and how you make me feel happier

am ought to stick with what I’ve got to remember

even if missing you

and loosing you is forever

cause I’ve

ought to remember

forgive me cause am just a lover….



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