Bon Voyage

if someone leaves would you weep

would you bee in grief or in pain as deep

or just be grateful and happy

that ones journey is set to create its own history

fill thy soul with wonderful story

plunge into momentous memory

and rebuild thyself into much integrity

filled with incomparable wit and beauty

strength and dignity

let the world be opted to see

that courage succumbs thee to conquer the world and be

someone, prove something and give everything

with much love to thy friends and family

it may be as sad

and roads may be as rough

that you have to take on the path

to live, love and survive

with the wondrous character that you possess

you’ll surely get by my friend



2 thoughts on “Bon Voyage

  1. Pau, I’ll read this every time that I feel the need to regain composure.hehe… Thank you my friend because through thick and thin during those wonderful times we were so different yet we built a good friendship. I hope the best for you, Ms. FiestyRedGirl. God bless you always. 🙂

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