this road towards wherever

it’s been a ride, a pretty long one

with no finite destination

with no direct location

it has been a tough one

a bit rough and slow

a bit fast and smooth

it has never been easy

to stumble and be weary

whenever am bound to be in places that i used to be

filled with memories of some joys and misery

it is quite clingy and sassy

yet just like any journey

once you’ve passed on an old lady

or a cart of fruits in a street that’s busy

or a stranger begging for bits and is silly

it’ll never be as easy to go back

to turn to where and what you’ve passed by

either be it a

busy night, street light

that may be filled with fright or delight

am ought to give thee a good fight

for i hold this dreams so tight

that love. peace and happiness is am ought to find

fast and furious

tough and outrageous

wherever this may lead

wherever i may go

whoever i may be with

this road towards wherever

i’ll just keep believing and pressing on forever

and thy ought not  to surrender

for everything to turn out better




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