Sunset, Once said

I was there before the sunset

waiting for this tears to shed

and you were there from a far

hanging by a thread

living a life of fret

though I had never regret that we have met

even if it might have been losing you in the end

how I wish to come near

as closer as it may seem

to take away your fear

to ease your sadness and mend

those stories unsaid

those memories ahead

I’ll be waiting, patiently

in front of this sunset

and I promise

I won’t be upset

cause you’re someone whom I’ll never forget

even when the sunsets

and even if hurting is what i would get

I’ll never regret this pureness of love i felt


12 thoughts on “Sunset, Once said

  1. Reblogged this on Wonder Action and commented:
    This is a beautifully made poem about how the narrator desperately wanted to talk and to be with another individual that he used to fancy. But the narrator did realize that he cannot do so because he and the other person are going in different directions and they can never look back. However, the poem tells us that the narrator is still patiently waiting for the other person to retrace his footsteps.

    The reason why I reblogged this is that this poem interests me and I think there are still other deeper meanings behind it.

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