What’s Initials?

Please write your first name your middle name and last

Never forget your initials

The ones that has brought you to the highest ideals


In scripted with thy greatest ability and potential

Made you famous and a bit hilarious

Those initials         

Didn’t gave you the license to procrastinate

Didn’t gave you the privilege to humiliate

Didn’t allowed you to underestimate or did it just

Appeared on your name

Not in your brain

Not in your heart                       

Not in your soul

And burnt those sense of humanity in vain                 

Keep it simple and plain

Humble and with faith

For when you know

Those initials are just letters

And your character and attitude

Might be misspelled

With ain’t no bit of betterment

Or ain’t no piece of real achievement 


I would not entertain another

Last full show

And am exhausted

Ain’t no excitement at all


Ain’t  no willingness to entertain at all

Last full show

Curtains closed

I have no interest to mingle after the show

Nor to entertain any stranger

For the wholeness of the show

Is over

And am not into re-opening another  

For I have loved the previous more

The upcoming is not exciting

And thy too much pre-occupied           


Try another show

Curtains closed

And you’re not welcome 


Call me crazy or naïve

But I’d rather live in grief than risk

To love again is to live again

And am ought to just falter and not bother

For I have learned to love once, only once

And for thee

It is the last

Call me crazy or naïve

Yet it is the truthfulness and vagueness of emotions that I feel

I have loved once

Was hurt, was happy, was torn

Yet am all up to is the reality of having that love for a long time

Within me, inside me even if nobody knows it but me

Call me crazy or naïve

But it’s the real deal

It’s everything that I feel

Even if it has made me ill

He will always be the man who am ought to love

With all thy will

And forever I will 


it was her day they said it was

yet she feels empty, numb and uneasy

it’s the morning sun shined through the vines

it was the cup of coffee on the table

the steamed rice on the platter

it was her day they said it was

yet she’s still empty, numb and uneasy

it’s the afternoon rush

the heat of the sun on her skin

the greetings of the people that surrounds thee

alongside a bunch of papers, books and letters

it was her day they said it was

yet she’s still empty, numb and uneasy

the evening comes, the rain poured

the darkness ruled, the girl is not in the mood


something within shined

as she walked through the rain that night

with an empty pocket and bare foot

raised those arms and knelt

with open palms towards the rain, freeing thy emptiness

casting those numbness

and feeling easy and happy

as she

gave up, lift it all up

never surrendered against all tough

it was her day they said it was

and it really was

it was….


contained in a circle

can’t move through a tunnel

can’t have stories to tell

nor goods of ideas to sell

contained in a circle

cycle, repeated, cycle

gazing through the darkness

with a tied heart, consumed mind

and an  empty hand

with a hundred madness

contained in a circle

tell thee where to go

or is there something thy ought to know



distant, from a far

been traveling for an hour

driving this car

ready and steady, here we are

far from reality

kinda an illusion

tempting and deceiving

but still loving and believing

can’t get rid of this beauty

am seeing

from a far, distant for an hour

i can stare, and stare, just stare