Hello 2013 my shoutout

There are many reasons to be grateful and thankful for, 2012 has been a whirlwind ride, kinda tough, crazy, and of course happy. There were sorts of drama, piles of comedy and yes a bit tragedy yet it all came up to be one good story. Lessons were learned thou mistakes were committed, it has never stopped me from growing, reinventing and yes, changing, a bit, or more could be enough. I may have lost some but I have gained more, more truthfulness, dozes of reality, good friends and family and me in behalf of my loved ones being groovy and healthy. Truly it has been good but I pray and hope for a better 2013. More mature roles to take, more laughter to create, more lesson to take and more challenges to inhale, with my true friends, and family behind me and my God beside me I know I can make it through, we’ll make it through HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE lets leave out our worries and our past, compile them and make them your armor to carry on the days of tomorrow. LET’S GET IT ON


you wished you have done something instead of doing nothing.

I think each and every people has their stand towards whatever issues given. Early this morning i went to church to attend a Sunday mass then at the homily RH Bill was merely the topic, at the end of the ceremony there was a signage petition for pro life, anti rh bill that was supported by most. After I signed my instinct drove me to the idea that i might have want to share the experience and took a photo of the whole activity. then after i did that an old lady approached me and told me “from where are you?” then i answered, “is there something wrong, must i delete it, i would’ve just want to share this to my readers and express my clamor towards my stand of anti RH bill. the woman seemed to be unconvinced, then i told her, it’s a private page where i can express my realms, i believe every one of us has the right to do so, either form where you are, who you are and what you are up to. people approached me and i just told them “it’s my stand and am ought to share it”. then i left with a realization that why limit the ability to express, when you knew that each and every people is different, we may have oppositions yet at times our goal is to live out the truth and be freed.

As to my stand on rh bill, I know it is a sensitive issue today here in the Philippines yet, i would’ve rather dig into morality than economy. if some politicians are into economic stability, population control and whatsoever, you might have just learn how to balance morality and economy, knowing how intelligent you are would’ve pave the way for the goodness, fairness of the majority than to the narrowed success of the few. many issues are at most importance than this why not focus on the things that matters, than pushing those edges towards grudges. 

Today is different from yesterday, the youth of today are exposed into many worldly things, and in my opinion implementing the rh bill would’ve provoked more problems, issues of morality, unity and so on. They say ignorance can kill a wanderer yet if ignorance is fought with values and morality it would’ve been more geared towards righteousness, you can never go wrong or do wrong.

as I have said I am nobody but am ought to speak up for what I believe is right than to be stagnant and tied with those idea that you wished you have done something instead of doing nothing.