if I were to run, I’d run as fast as i could

I’d go to you

and haunt you

if I was lost and have no place to go

I’d look up and seek for you

if I was hungry with nothing to eat

I’d feed my soul with wisdom and courage to get through

if i were nobody, I’d work hard to be somebody

beyond titles but more of dignity

beyond fame but more of freedom

if i were to run, i’d run as fast as i could

I’ll chase those negatives away

be thrilled and learn throughout my way

I’d be grateful, even if I’m empty-handed

I’d be thankful even if I’ve been through rough

for at the end of every race

my tower of achievement, my victory and reality

is thy will be done

positive, truthful, happy and with peace

would you run as fast? would you?

if i were to run, I’d run as fast as i could


She was….

she was torn between the pureness of friendship and love

she was blown away

she was conquered by the play

she might have wanted to just run away

but she was

she was knocked by the verge of falling

she was getting there

she was composing herself to admit thy feeling

thy feeling

of uncertainty and realization that she knew

she knew it wouldn’t be for long

she was there, been there and seemed to falter

with nothing to hold on but such intuition

and or not affection nor attraction

she just can’t deny the joys

she can’t hide those smiles and that yes indeed

she’s starting to like him 

Need i Say More

the thought that i’m on the verge of liking you is like the most enormous feeling of losing and winning both at the same time

realizing it is not meant, it is just as plain, it could have been the greatest feeling in the world

sounds crazy but real

a girl can melt by such endearing treatment

a girl can fall through a sensible conversation

a girl can be attached to someone who seemed to be so joyful and positive

courageous and honest

but for what is meant to happen will happen

but for now

just this thought

this idea

this sound that my intuition and emotion that keeps on ringing

inside my head, near my heart and inside my soul

i bet you would just stumble

and realize that i fell from the trap

but need i say more

i was just weak enough

weakened by your good did, laughter and stories

and just by simply being you 

need i say more

I’m on the verge of liking you and it’s like losing and winning both at the same time 

When It’s a Game Fit for Two

when it’s a game fit for two

with no rules and don’t know what to do

resist it, don’t play the game

but if you’re brave enough and tamed 

take the risk and stick on with the game

when it’s a game fit for two

with no standards or norms to follow

be thrilled, go on and play

but don’t wish something would’ve stayed

even a snap or a glimpse of attachment that could stain

could stain an unblemished heart with uncertainty

just hid all the reasons

throughout the season

with freewill and ain’t no anticipation

assumptions or expectations

go on with the game

but if the consequence is as uncertain

be willed and face it

strong enough and admit it

for you don’t know

it might have been playing this game

that i may win or lose

courageous and bruised

truthful or used

and that it is between me and you

and this game fit for two

that lead thy emotions to ponder

and even wonder…

maybe it’s like I’m starting to like you 

Rise above any Challenge….

i just proved one thing and that is…

if it is for you I’ll be whole-heartedly given and if it is not maybe you have to mend something on your attitude or even your life or the wholeness of thyself 

chances are given to improve ones self

changes are inevitable

guided by wisdom and faith

you’ll never go wrong

just bring it on

keep it going

life is beautiful

keep it strong, truthful and sincere

trust thyself, love thyself

give and forgive

rise when you fall, never get tired, never seek for revenge

and with peace love and extreme happiness

I, You, We shall truly get by…. 

Forgiveness beyond Success

success is not about attaining the highest achievement

but success is about molding thyself to become a better person

i may have tried a million challenges

succumb a million trials

conquered my each and every fear

but if i myself, can’t forgive nor can’t let go

i can’t merely move forward

i can’t merely go beyond

if only I’ve just learned how to forgive and to forget

if only I’ve learned how to leave out the past

if only I’ve molded my heart with joyous thoughts than sorrow

if only i was able to admit

if only i was able to let go 

if only i was able to love and trust myself

if only,

but now is here

and it’s all I’ve got

i may learn all of this little by little

but i know i’ll eventually get through it

like in my dreams

          a warrior, a cavalier, a soldier

i can win this battle

against me, against my pride, against my ego

i will surpass and eventually succeed

beyond any achievement and that is to forgive                                    

Stand Still

a 600 question that can change ones life forever

a 12 hour scenario that is bound to be filled with stress and anxiety

a 3 months preparation wrapped with discipline and sacrifices

tell thee, was this enough

was everything worth the fight

has everything turned out right 

a minute of prayer

few hours of camaraderie

days of comfort

periods of agony

tell the was this worth keeping

tell thee, to still believe in 

keep thy faith within

learn from thy mistakes and heal

freed thyself from uncertainty

from a multitude of reason to give up

gives thee tumultuous reason to stand up 


who’d rather fall for a stranger

gaze into his eyes

filled with empathy and surprise

walk through the night

igniting those lights

getting rid of that fright

who’d rather fall for a stranger

knowing just a bit about him

and just saw him in a pilgrim

oh and just tell me, it was just a dream

who’d rather fall for a stranger

when everything is uncertain

when nothing is proven

and ain’t no real love driven

why fall for a stranger, when you knew…

a stranger can deceive thee

but rather would you say

he got me

A fighter

hidden in a cabin

cold and in famine

hidden in the dark

waiting for that spark

believing and living

waiting and persevering 

hoping and  being..

stronger and bolder

just keeping thy faith tighter

trust in thee and stand taller

with thy soul that ponders

keeping thy strength together

composing thy self to get better

through it all you were born to be a fighter    


My Grip Of Faith

how far did i go

how ample did i accomplished

how did faith changed me

how did trust mold me

how did love complete me


for the numerous wrongs, there seemed to be one thing that remained right and that is

to keep the faith, trust in God, surrender everything

be humble enough to commit mistakes, change, for what seemed to be right

give with no expectations, love for no reasons.

through our darkest day, we can see the light,

grip those faith at hand

cast away those evils behind

amidst everything that could have happen

i know i gave a good fight

for i have God beside me

my family and friends behind me

and me, battling out towards the greatness of everything.

to God be the glory

God knows, God gives and God prevails