Black Night

blank stare, wicked night

against those lights behind is fright

then you came in, and held my hand as tight

from nowhere you made everything feel right

black dress, and a wicked scheme

behind those lights, you saw me cry

wiped thy tears and fought for those fears

gaze into my eyes, you were the night’s surprise

breaking free, with ain’t no price

you were there to entice and seemed to be nice

a grip, a look from a far

you were there for me,

even if leaving you is what would set us free




Hit by an Arrow

i was hit by an arrow

thought there’ll be no pain

thought that i was brave

i was hit by an arrow

all this time i knew i was numb

yet deep inside i was dumb 

i was hit by an arrow

bleeding inside

hurting can’t subside

i was hit by an arrow

fearful and in sorrow

doubtful of what will happen tomorrow

i was hit by an arrow

envious and being so hilarious

cautious neither be furious

i was hit by an arrow

i hope nothing will follow

i hope to heal even if how slow

or how deep it may go

i was hit by an arrow

take this all away as it flows 

My Here and Now

now is here and it’s what i breathe

the past is gone and a new day sees

sees the good and positive in me

now i can do it, be it and conquer it


here i stand, from the odds

changing and breaking free

taking those chances at hand and believes


i can do it, do it for one thing

do it because i want it not because i need it

do it cause it’s a chance, not because i seek vengeance

not because i have to prove something to anyone

not because i’m caring for ones reputation

but it’s because

i wanna do it and i can make it


now is here together with the stories behind me

wrapping them all, ignoring them all

moving on and taking steps forward

here’s what i do to be free and happy


i’m afraid to let go but it’s the least that i can do for myself

cast all those shadows from the past

give this day a blast

finish all those battles

believing i can do it and conquer it


Can it Be?

left in a room, with no one but me

gazing through the window pane

collecting all those pain

with no one but me

staring at the trees

seeing those birds fly as free

asking thyself can it be

with no one but me

can it be, i want it and need it to be

suddenly the light was dim

the colorful day turned into gray

with its warm breeze turned into chills

with no one but me

how can i froze this tears

how can i get rid of this fears

that only my mind sees

throughout the years

i hope someone hears

with no one but me

i hope someday they can see

those smiles in me

that finally i’m happy and free

with those pain behind me

with no one but me

i can be



from the bunch… i choose y’all

would you rather be with whom

a bunch of smart kids from the urban

with nothing but thick books and journals at hand

classroom honors and quiz-bee masters 

with “silence please” all around 

or would you be with the…

popular, the rich kids from the city

with nothing at hand but bunch of money

partying till dawn, wearing tees and shorts all night long 

“easy go lucky” as they call

or would it be better to fit in..

to a group of sexy and pretty girls

boys chase and die for

with nothing at hand but a bag of cosmetics and a huge self mirror

loves going to the mall, dating and giving guys a call

or would you choose…

a team of weird people

loves to stroll around and walk through the woods

loves to talk about anything under the sun without limit

doesn’t care for time just to finish their games

floating ideas all along, mister Newton must jump in

or should it be the…

sports hottie, the sports girls from the gym

where training is their life and NBA is their thing

spending hours for practice

to avoid defeat or miss…

or is it better to….

sit in with the creatives, where pen and paper is their thing

ideas, concepts, and art is what they breath

expressing themselves, sharing stories, lines and poems

mister Shakespeare must sit in

wether or not we know our friends

we love them and we are identified with them

but at times,

people can be friends despite their differences, despite their interests, despite of what they want

i guess that is the magic of friendship

you can go places, you can cross boundaries

you can test your limits

you can be as sassy, crazy or noisy

but at the end of the day

friendship is not about what you share, of what and why you bond

of what keeps you together.. but it’s about

the respect, the trust

the willingness to know each one of your friends whole heartedly

with ain’t no cruel intentions just purity and sincerity

from a bunch we must choose to know each member not to identify the wholeness of it

not in accordance of how you perceived them to be

take time

sit down

call a friend

ask her

is she/he okay, what are her ideas, what does she/he likes

for when you know

you may have chosen the best bunch of people to be with

but you may have lost the best person

because you have acted like it is as if….

you are not interested to know the real story behind each, each one of your friend

never take them for granted

for it is hard to mend and or comprehend

when a true friends is hurt by another friend

it is like living a life of fret

The Thick Eyeglasses

she grew from a four-cornered hall

her face hidden on a thick eyeglasses

she seemed to be so timid and shy

as she grew and went to school, she was bullied

she ran after her teacher once a classmate would scold her

once a classmate would tell her she’s ugly

once a seatmate would throw her a piece of paper

and once a classmate would push her through the wall

it has never been as easy

arriving home, she tends to be…

beaming with smile acting it’s as if everything at school was fine

seeing her dad at the front door with a smile

dad, who has been her source of strength since then

she goes to school the other day

numb of all the name-names thrown on her

she tends to pretend that everything will be fine, got used to it and it’s as usual

years have passed, she grew into someone who is far from the timid little girl from the four corners

expanded her ways as she crossed boundaries

she mingled with different people

brought her thick eyeglasses on and the courage within, she was a big girl from then on 

just like the old days she hide her eyes from the worldliness

controlled her ears to filter the noise

taught her lips to speak a few

and equipped her heart to be brave

held the hands of those who understood

embraced those who trusted and believed in her

and turned her back to those who judge her

thou everything may have been as superficial, skeptical and rational

the girl from the four corners is still inside her

but then covered with a superficial mask to save her

to save her from the doubtful, the dishonest and the mischief 

she’s been through enough

but as she looks back

seeing her dad on the door smiling

ain’t no mischievousness can further destroy her

ain’t no rumor can crash her

and no one can ever treat her as a trash

cause she is saved, saved by his fathers smile 

all the while 

hidden or found, deep or superficial

saved and loved….

that keeps her going….


In Time

it’s been years, and i still can’t get through this tears

counting the months, and it’s been you that i can’t replace 

everyday, seemed to be a day anew

with this thoughts of you that’s been haunting my soul

in every hour, i can’t stop thinking of you, of where you are and what you’re going through 

with every minute of my life, am ought to spend it with this simple joy inside my head…

that i adore you, since then and till today, it’s true 

for a second i stumble, and asked myself to why i love you this harder

is it not better to just forget with ain’t no regret

and live a lovely life with ain’t no fret

in time, i believe I’ll seek all the answers

in due time, i’m ought to swallow all this and conquer

with this love I’ve created and falter 

that reigns inside of me forever

and in the right time, i will realize…

that all this time i was just a wanderer

The older the anger, the deeper

when I was young, I’m ought to be as tough 

courageous and brave enough, to face all roughs 

when I was young, I saw them all,

their cruel side and odd

those scenarios where everything seemed as wrong 

everything has lived inside my heart and my head for long 

now that I’m older 

did i became tougher 

was i that strong and bolder 

or was i the victim of my own anger

spare my thoughts

lift thy soul 

though I’ve tried to resist

to vanish and dismiss

all these musings, sentiments and or ease…

oh help me to forgive 

but most of, help me to forget

for i hate the feeling of regret

where i can’t even tell her 

that I’ve forgive her, or did i 

missed the chance to see her or just listen to her 

now that I’m older 

i just want my pride to falter 

and tell her that I’ve missed her or just thank her

after all,

i am only human

younger or even older 

i’m ought to surrender

i don’t want to suffer or thy emotion to ponder 

i just want to feel better

and be thrilled

free from this anger

and ready to forgive her