Sturdy as a Tree

it was planted and it has grown

sturdy and strong as all may have known

stood in that same place where no one has dared to go

there were days that has passed and slow

and some nights deprived of that same old glow

but remained still and chose not to go

sheltered from those uncertainties and sorrow

embraced those cold griefs and washed those fears and hallow

there were ample leaves that has fallen

ample hopes that faltered

but did not let thee to be weak and stumble

from the whistling wind

to those heavy storms

till the steadfast breeze of a new day that unfolds

as the years have gone steadfastly

the tree, the same old oak of bark is here

still strong, still sturdy

just like any tree

my dad is as worthy

even if it may be an old bark, an old sturdy tree

its roots has tied me to the ground, keeping me grounded

branching out with truthful hopes and courage

beloved and haunted that forever within me

the tree is as strong as the love that I have for thee