The Crippler of Strength

the brave crippler at the middle of the night

has walked for mile, and was deprived of light

hope seemed to be out of sight

the rain poured and the wind has blown

into the same direction, walked by the same old frustration

motivation, realization…

the brave crippler at the middle of the night

was lost in the streets, having nothing to eat

but is still walking, with tired feet on the filthy streets

met some strangers who are more hungry and can’t accept defeat


the crippler was bound to be weak

but sees the strength to walk through the street

filthy or not

hungry or not

the crippler is the epitome of strength

to push though the darkest night

conquering tumultuous fright


even when no one seemed to care and ask why

it’s the greatest strength drawn from an  in-depth faith that no one can ever defy

walk by….