See You Again

What if I’ll see you again?

Would it be easy for me to pretend?

That all these feelings that I had come to an end

Or am I just fooling myself and can’t comprehend

For it’ll be so difficult to mend

If I’ll see you again holding some other’s hand


What if I’ll see you again?

Will I be the same person you’ve met?

Or would you be the same man who made my heart melt

Probably not, or maybe yes

Would it be bearable to be felt?

That I have ample memories left

Of how good and bad this whole thing took its end


I’d rather not see you again

For I’m afraid to feel that love again

Tell me that I can

Forget you and forgive you

In the best way that I can

And rather walk along and never look back again



if I’d allow myself to be drowned again

I’d dive into this deep emotion I’m feeling

that all this time I’m still longing

and that it’s you that I’ve been constantly missing 

if I’d allow myself to be ignorant again

I’d pretend that I never felt that pain

surreal that it almost tangled my vein

and that losing you is what I would gain

unknowingly I stumbled hard and went out of the rain 

some things that I can’t contain

true feelings that remains

lavished by the blue waters

poured by the hard rain

blown by the strong wind and hurricane

please allow me to stay

as in love as this way

saved by this love I feel everyday

that it’s still you that takes my heart away 



Unuttered words clouded on my mind
Empty hopes slipping through my hands
Mumbled phrases remained on my lips
As I’ve watched you walk away

Gasping for air on this humid day
how I wish I still have enough time to say
The way I felt and feel whernever you’re away
Or how I’ve wanted to hold your hand and keep you calmed in any way

Granted that I may say this
With every single thought residing on my head
And those words that remained unsaid
I would tell you that it is sad and time is dead
When I’am alone in bed
Surrounded by this humid air
Embracing me with depth
With ain’t no vast of regret
Succumbed by ample tears that was left
Some real pain that was felt
Still I will not forget
How wonderful is that day, when we first met