Men are great but Fathers are the BEST!

They say men are playful, indecisive, careless and crazy. They only cared for what they’ll wear, the brand of their shoe, the fastest cars, the crowd favorites, the party plans or if they would date the hottest girl in town. On the other hand men are strong, they’re also smart, creative, passionate and driven. but what if a man came across that responsibility of building a home, feeding some kids, doing some cooking, cleaning, laundry and even the groceries, working abroad to provide for the family needs or being with his wife at night rather to go out on a party? Is he man enough to be tough? Is he willing enough to take on the challenge and get through the roughs?

A man”s worth is incompletely discovered until he becomes a father. Some would agree and some may not, but the thing is if a free-spirited careless man turns out to be a caring and loving dad, well I believe that must be something. It is not easy to take on the challenge of providing everything for your children, well some may find it easy to build a house and furnsh it with exepensive stuffs or send them to exclusive achools or give them thousands of allowance or buy them expenaive cars, but the thing is, there is more to life than any material thing in this world and that is a home. A home where a man marries the woman he truly loves and lives by his promise to take good care of her and stay with her forever. A home where love prevails, a home where a man is responsible enough to take good care of his kids, a home where he understands everyones needs and identifies their wants, a home where they can find time to be together, to watch some movies, or just sit on a couch with ample good stories or even simple talks of- how was your day? mine was good!- mine wasnt. a home where God is the center of gratefulness and a home where the strength is drawn from each other and by God’s grace no storm can ever break them apart, nothing can tear them apart.

More than anything else being a man is quite a challenge but come to think of it, it is actually a privilege, an opportunity to create and mold a wonderful life. Sacrifces, selflessness, patience, sincerity, honesty, faithfulness, persistence, prudence, and love are some of the best traits that a man could possess in order for him to become an efficient, and a loving dad that any child could ever wish for.

Make this world a better place by being a good man, not just an ordinary man but a best father that any child would be proud to claim that “hey, that man is my dad, and he’s the best dad ever!”

Happy Father’s day to each and every man who took on the challenge and made their lives worth living by loving and caring for their children. Hats off to you sir! You’ re amazing! Salute!