Some can forgive but many can’t forget. Trusting someone can be a thing to regret, even being betrayed is what you could get. Later on, all that is left is the pain that was felt.

No words can calm a person who is so upset. No action can decieve a mind that is set to detect a threat. A threat that can make an entire life an empty set.

Forget? How easy is it to forget? When memories are inculcated on my head. Where scenarios are clearer as I lay on my bed. Where anger is as bright as the color red.

Forgive? How can you give? When nothing is left to retrieve only the hurt, the pain and the grief. They say it takes time to make believe, that one day you can move on and conceive.

Love can be the answer but what if it is the only thing that you have? The one thing you could have and the same thing that you never had!
Can it still be an answer?

Clever! For not beleiving in forever! For not loving yourself more than whosoever, for trusting them when they said “they will hold your hand and you will get through life together”.

Never! How could you make that promise? How could you do this? Hurt me so much and deprive me with peace, weakened so much that I can’t stand on my knees, numb enough to feel nothing and freeze.

Oh please! How fatal can it be? to catch the bullet and break free, to grasp the sorrow and bleed, only to find out that you’re the one behind it, the pull on the trigger that almost killed me, the agony that slayed me, the reason that I forgot to be happy. The lost serenity in my memory…

Now can I forgive ME?…..