I wrote this last July 25, 2009

lets rekindle the memories ūüėõ teenage days



she can’t wait for one time, that she has to say
how much she feels, when she sees his face…
browse all the pages and there she can see…
his smile that filled her heart till infinity

they might have said that it’s enough
but for her it’s just a start to face all tough
be it in all smooth nor to rough
she’ll stay forever and will never say surrender

she raised his name up too high
sang all songs all night and she..
she’ll always be proud or not yet she,¬†she came near
to the man in her dreams and an exceptional one it seems

be it later or just never
she will keep with her forever
their times together…
even how short or shorter it has been
for her, those were the times that she’ll stick to remain…
there in her heart forever it will be

she captured some glitz, the glamour and light
recorded all hits that made thy heart beat
for these things she does is always for him
but can’t explain why???…
oh, why does she does???…
nor admit, that she really does and it was…

is a poem and could be considered as a confession, of how a person could become, if that person adores someone… not because that someone is merely somebody but just simply because that someone pleases the other person a lot… and even that person, could not explain…why??… oh why???…


The masks behind

(i wrote this last June 22, 2009)

still confused on what she really feels

if she has to let go or merely stay for long

when all she knew is she had enough

and can’t explain why she has to face all tough

the people she met wears all the mask

the mask of anger, laughter

and an unpleasing midst of uncertainty

can’t figure it out if they we’re true

can;t tell how is it to be

when they’re at her back

annoyed and scared with their remarks

for guilt and confidence

melts ’em all apart

what does she need to do

for her to be free

when all she knew is they need ’em to be

but she once tried and just failed

being hurt is all she has remained

Heart a Little

(i wrote this last February 20,2009)


the next day is to be felt

with a little heart that’s about to melt

for the next day is to be complete

with a sincere feeling that’s underneath

the sun would rise

in front of her eyes

as she walk through a tile

and would be amazed in a while

the spot is set

as the little girl is a bit upset

for she doesn’t know¬†

what to expect

the lights rolled

as the noise ruled

filling the place

as its covered

bounded by a dream

as her little heart should seem

avoiding her light 

to be dim

for hope and love was all she has

admiration and loyalty

are the things she ones has

seeking for a second

that was just part of her past

looking by far

reaching for a star

living by a dare

just forever to stare

to someone who has become

and will always be a part

of a heart that for once

who tried to never be torn apart


I wrote this last March 22, 2008

Growing along

In a sudden stone

wandering more

what went wrong

as i reminisce the time

that we’ve been just fine

timeless it seems

but i won’t forget, the faces

and the places,¬†I’ve¬†been through

and I

i want to live it out

and share with you all throughout

the stories of who i am

taking my time

as i put it on the line

all of them who made me

to stand along

as i reminisce the time

that everything’s just fine