Bloom and feel the glow

Rise above and grow

I guess is the beauty of letting go…



Words and photo by feistyredgirl. All rights reserved.


Hello 2013 my shoutout

There are many reasons to be grateful and thankful for, 2012 has been a whirlwind ride, kinda tough, crazy, and of course happy. There were sorts of drama, piles of comedy and yes a bit tragedy yet it all came up to be one good story. Lessons were learned thou mistakes were committed, it has never stopped me from growing, reinventing and yes, changing, a bit, or more could be enough. I may have lost some but I have gained more, more truthfulness, dozes of reality, good friends and family and me in behalf of my loved ones being groovy and healthy. Truly it has been good but I pray and hope for a better 2013. More mature roles to take, more laughter to create, more lesson to take and more challenges to inhale, with my true friends, and family behind me and my God beside me I know I can make it through, weā€™ll make it through HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE lets leave out our worries and our past, compile them and make them your armor to carry on the days of tomorrow. LETā€™S GET IT ON


for some it starts with a physical attraction

that may lead to an in-depth admiration

and can cause too much infatuation

with thy stirring feeling of confusions

but can you trust thy intuition

if there ain’t no compassion

and or affirmation

just being satisfied at a brisk of false intention

that all Ā are just illusions

and what you create are just delusions

of a perfect meaningful imagination

that has caused thy feeling of too much ignition

thereĀ ain’tĀ no passion yet only pure emotion

with no direction and solution

if it has caused too much

can you forgive yourself for too much obsession

or just simply crack and grind thy all creation

or pity thy self for drowning into much collision

yet maybe you just need some reflection

tons of severe realization

that love is not about attraction or even admiration

but it’s about the cohesion, of two mutual emotion

bound by strong commitment and purest intention

with responsible words and actions

that separatesĀ the truth from what is pseudo

that classifies the right from wrong

that love is

a reality ain’t no fantasy

just avoid being dreamy

to get rid of being weary

and just prepare to be happy

for a true and endless love story


Chase and Hide

A girl seemed to be disturbed with a scar found on her right knee, every time she sees the scar, flood of childhood memories reigns, either good or bad. the girl has strived not to be bothered by that scar yet every time she goes out, people around her would have remind her everything about that scar, quite annoying yet the girl seemed to deal with it all along.


The scar was from an accident happened when she was quite younger as her age today. the girl is fond of going around, chasing, traveling even at her age she seemed to be acquainted to anyone easily, friendly, jolly. Yet despite that, she has no exception to being hurt, to being blamed either being judged or accused. she just don’t know what to do, forgive her cause she’s young….


at times playing is fun, meeting different players of different characters, having good and even clever playmates. That is a part of a game winning or loosing, but is the price worth the effort?.. the time??.. at times playing seemed to be everything but ones a bruise comes out or abrasions are present, the scar and memory behind it is not as easy to be healed…


Dealing with a scar has always been so difficult the girl tried to hide it to everyone yet it’s like a stigma, in scripted always, wherever she goes. it is more of like her past hunts her down, but later the girl had realized that the scar is a 50-50. 50% pain, Ā 50% joy. The girl had realized that she is the one responsible about it. in the first place it is her choice that lead her to where she had been, and had lead her to where it has ended. a game may be fun yet can be a thief, you can either be in a snake pit or in a heaven and hell scenario but to top it all, at least you played the game, you learned, you knew up to where is your limit and your pace.


a scar from a game or an accident will always be there, reminding you that ones in your life, you were brave enough to try, even if it hurts, or even if it had turned to be game over at least, you were there to stand up from where you fell. And walked ahead moving on.. Ignoring what other people has to say about a scar.. that is so obscene and so superficial…


I wrote this last July 31, 2012 at 11:54pm


an escape from reality, is what she wants,
an illusion of uncertainty is where she would prefer to stay,
being so numb is all she has always been…
being unhappy never had set her heart free…

where could she be if all she knew is to obey,
live by the rules that cuts her heart into halves
slices her dreams into pieces, that makes her soul tremble inside a hallow glass,
making her believe that, dreaming is all that she could ever hold on

what if she’s just torn, in between the lines,
caught in the middle having no escape at all..
yelling for acceptance, chances and time
to prove something that she’s also worth at anything..

yet everything’s so unfair, for she lacks some tons of stuff..
to live by what she want and be free from all endeavor and must..
must always stay on a shadow of selfish hearts…
living for themselves forgetting hers as time goes..

shall it always be like these, when she had tried so hard to be so loved..
has been kind and obedient, yet suffering and crying,
for all the consequences that life has thrown..
unprepared with the reality that has always been shown…

I wrote this on last :Ā July 29, 2009 at 11:05pm

-a piece of poem for those who aren’t happy for where they are, yet they have no choice at all, for reality is telling them, where they really should be, after at… šŸ˜¦

1st entry

Newbie.. novice.. first timer. i must say boredom led me to create a blog, I’ve been writing since i was 10 and really am excited about this whole thing… I’d love to share my realms, ideas and literary pieces.. pretty much exciting huh.. let’s get it on šŸ™‚