Letting Go

Maybe it’s the broken piece that holds me back,
It is the same piece that pierced my soul
It is the same piece that left a hole
A hole that was emptied for so long ago
A hole left to be as numb as before
Perhaps it could be the stab at my back
The stab that broke my heart into half
Half, that I can’t rebuild it again
Half that I forgot how to forgive and be forgiven
But who am I to keep this wound
For I know it will heal and I’ll eventually feel good
For nothing is permanent in this cruel world
But to please allow me, to say this words
Pierced or stabbed
Half or whole
I am finally letting you and all this, go

A Stranger Has Stared

I hate how some strangers stare

It’s as if I owe them an explanation that they can’t convey

Or they have tons of comments to say


It’s like they’ve always crossed my way

Passed by my side, did stared and looked away

I’ve got used to it day by day


I pretend to ignore that stranger that is coming my way

But deep inside and always, I’ve never failed to wonder of what they are thinking

Of why they are staring

Or at the back of their minds, what are they saying

The next day

Someone stared and kept on asking

Of what am I doing?

Then I smiled and said “I was doing nothing”

Then he smiled back and said

“There is more to life than earning, more than seeing is perceiving

More than doing is persevering, and more than just staring is to be caring and believing

Loving and giving

Understanding without judging

Helping without counting

Listening without complaining

And most of becoming more than living…”

And as I look back from that day

I thank that man who’ve crossed my way

He helped me to get on my way

Day by day

Even a hundred or a thousand stranger might have stared

I’d give them a smile with a glare

Instead of comparing and or competing or might be envying

I would walk, straight ahead on my way

Towards the greatness of the life that I have to live day by day


I’ve got my camera and the lights are ready
The location is set and the background is empty
Many came and showed me that they were happy
Hid their sorrows and feelings of being weary
Though some can’t contain their emotion and became teary
They all said that they will never leave me

Dim the light, picture-perfect, click
The camera didn’t work
And the location turned out to be full of strangers
I was left alone at the middle of the show
With no one to turn to
Or might have someone to say hello to
Oh so weird and tragic but true

But then i turned around and saw you coming
Smiling and beaming with positivism
Showed me that life is still worth living
Even if my camera isn’t working
And there were no familiar face smiling
Even if the lights are dimming, there is still reason to believe in
That there can be another set
New location and crowd to deal with

Many have left and few have chosen to stay
Helped me conquer the fight and play
Stood all night and day
With ample resources of faith and joy everyday
Filling up this large frame and memories
With photos that are equally claimed as a masterpiece
Making each shot a picture that is exceptionally perfect

Sturdy as a Tree

it was planted and it has grown

sturdy and strong as all may have known

stood in that same place where no one has dared to go

there were days that has passed and slow

and some nights deprived of that same old glow

but remained still and chose not to go

sheltered from those uncertainties and sorrow

embraced those cold griefs and washed those fears and hallow

there were ample leaves that has fallen

ample hopes that faltered

but did not let thee to be weak and stumble

from the whistling wind

to those heavy storms

till the steadfast breeze of a new day that unfolds

as the years have gone steadfastly

the tree, the same old oak of bark is here

still strong, still sturdy

just like any tree

my dad is as worthy

even if it may be an old bark, an old sturdy tree

its roots has tied me to the ground, keeping me grounded

branching out with truthful hopes and courage

beloved and haunted that forever within me

the tree is as strong as the love that I have for thee

The Next Day She Became a Mother

one day she was staring at the window, dreaming of a fairy tale with a prince for a happy ever after

the next day she was gleaming in white, walking down the aisle to say “I do” with pride

the other day she was pregnant, expecting for their first-born

the next day she was a mother and in there…

love grew fonder

maturity widens and reality strikes like a thunder

made that everyday of her child better

sacrificed enough to fight those hunger

selfless enough to give that child a future with those ounce of will and power      

disciplined her child to ignite those strength and be braver

the next day she was old, with nothing but a feeling that is cold

will she be freed from those stories untold


that her child forgot how she was mold

that the child forgot those words that made her whole

never said those words and remained untold

so cold,

one day she was also a mother, gleamed in white and had some child

the next day she knew better, that love never dissipates but just gets fonder

that love is never said but done

that being a mother is incomparable, being a child will teach you how to be responsible

for the next day, you will be the mother of a child

and in there you will realize

that everyday is not a dream but a job, a career not a profession

a life well lived filled with genuine love, empathy, and concern

that being a mom, mother, mommy, inay, nanay is a gift

 and one day must not pass without you saying

“Thank you Mom, I love you, having you makes life worth living”

Hit by an Arrow

i was hit by an arrow

thought there’ll be no pain

thought that i was brave

i was hit by an arrow

all this time i knew i was numb

yet deep inside i was dumb 

i was hit by an arrow

bleeding inside

hurting can’t subside

i was hit by an arrow

fearful and in sorrow

doubtful of what will happen tomorrow

i was hit by an arrow

envious and being so hilarious

cautious neither be furious

i was hit by an arrow

i hope nothing will follow

i hope to heal even if how slow

or how deep it may go

i was hit by an arrow

take this all away as it flows 

My Here and Now

now is here and it’s what i breathe

the past is gone and a new day sees

sees the good and positive in me

now i can do it, be it and conquer it


here i stand, from the odds

changing and breaking free

taking those chances at hand and believes


i can do it, do it for one thing

do it because i want it not because i need it

do it cause it’s a chance, not because i seek vengeance

not because i have to prove something to anyone

not because i’m caring for ones reputation

but it’s because

i wanna do it and i can make it


now is here together with the stories behind me

wrapping them all, ignoring them all

moving on and taking steps forward

here’s what i do to be free and happy


i’m afraid to let go but it’s the least that i can do for myself

cast all those shadows from the past

give this day a blast

finish all those battles

believing i can do it and conquer it