press on play to feel the beat

groove into the rhythm or jive into it

press the pause button if you want some blues on

lingering ballad music,  R & B or soul

press stop again and search for techno

rock music and hip hop that echos

press forward to move ahead

indulge into pop, metal and some bands

or just key into rewind

go back to basics and classics

feel the soothe of truth that mimics

inside any genre or song that is a hit

that tingle on the ears and on thy heart a bit

keep on pressing, playing and listening

just like in life of different genres

there’s a mixture of mood, melody and symphony

sincerity, stability, creativity and reality

that life is a music

that keeps on playing everyday, living by each moment

influencing each movement, sadness being augment

surpassing each agony and torment

being thrilled, happy and embraced by enjoyment

delighted and hopeful that this music

can heal a soul, a wound, the hurt, the pain

stop living in vain

cause the chorus and refrain can help thee get away



The beauty of a Song is…

how wonderful is a song

filled with sincere emotions all along

patterned by simple and truthful lyrics

makes thy heart and soul mimics

an extreme feeling of grandeur

over a ballad and a  soul flavor

that digs thy soul and ponders

the voice, tune, and passion

makes a really good interpretation

over what you hear and feel

that lingers in your ears

and makes your heart beat

an infinite music

a timeless classic

i can’t search for more nor seek

for a more phenomenal than a hit

that hits thee undoubtedly

when thy song is played over and over again

it’s like falling in love and willing to live more

over and once again

Cheer Up (la la di da da)

La LA  Di  Da  Da

if I’d sing you a song

would you tell me what’s wrong

it wouldn’t matter if how long

I’ll just be here and will stay strong

Da Da Di La La

with thy harmony and symphony

and thy notes in ebony

I’d love to hear the story

of why were you in weary

La La Di Da Da

either blues or pop

I just wanna see you cheer up

with a tune that never flap

am ought to raise you always on top

Da Da La La Di

please just smile

for I’d be singing in a while

and I promise not to ask why

for your sadness will surely pass by……

The Lyricist


on a crumpled sheet of paper

with a dark pen and some letter

a hymn of melody came out

and the lyricist broke down

sealed with tears and piety

geared with passion and emotion

longing and yearning were plotted in a form

the notes were so high

and some were too low

flats and sharps aren’t avoided

surely can’t get rid of any mistake

the beat and its tempo

its pitch and its rhyme

collaborated with the feeling

of empathy and sincerity

plotted in a sheet

with a G clef and do re mi

the music flew out naturally

with the lyricist in uncertainty

made thy song with originality