Embracing serenity with a positive and grateful heart. 

(photo taken at Shimizu Island, El Nido Palawan Philippines) 

photo and words by feistyredgirl

all rights reserved 


El Nido it? Right !

​On my 26th birthday I was reminded of the real person that lives inside me, that person who is willing to take risks, that person who loves adventure, the old person who enjoys meeting new people and that person who isn’t afraid to try.

Today I felt like every muscle fiber on my body aches, every part of my skin has bruises, the adrenaline rush was real, that hunger for adventure was intense and the eagerness to thrive and survive reigns still. indeed there is nothing more satisfying than to feel that old feeling again. I may have forgotten a lot of things, I may ignored a lot, I may have thrown my dreams away, I may have doubted and unlearned the things that I once loved and I might have given up on the possibility of all the thing that I can do but today marks the unleashing of that inevitable courage I’ve drawn within me, that faith was restored, step by step that old flame within me will be ignited, once again. but this time it will be different, even better. Today, I breathe in reality and embrace every possibility of what this life may bring.

(photo taken at the Secret Beach, El Nido Palawan, Philippines )

I was told that no one and nothing can predict the future that awaits me, or what tomorrow can bring but I say I will try my very best, I have this grip of faith within me, inside me, with my loving family, supportive friends and the almighty God, no one can ever pull me down in believing on how was it like, it is like… to live over and over again.

(photo taken at 7 Commando Beach, El Nido Palwan, Philippines)

Take that leap and just keep it tight, way to go feisty red girl. 

I didn’t know what I did right to deserve all these, but indeed you are really an amazing God. Hang in there, we got this.

words and photos by feistytedgirl 

all rights reserved 


when you came we’re almost prepared, we heard of what you can do
we learned of how strong you were
when you came it was a good day, wrapped in blue and a sunny day
never knew that you will destroy the day
oh what a dismay
you ruined the day and paved no way
dark clouded skies and rustling winds
freezing cold over the frigid place
fear and panic, everyone’s on a race
to survive, and with a question of how to thrive
when they’ve lost enough
living through rough
hungry and thirsty
homeless and barefooted
soaking wet and empty-handed

when you came you didn’t warn us
that more than the strong winds and heavy rains
is the pain that can’t subside
the strife to continue life
the grief of asking why
and the people on a battle cry
when you came you wiped them all
the greatest gifts for all
but what you did was enough
to show us the reality of who is goo and bad
of how is it to be lonely and sad
when everyone is mad
and some remained grateful and glad
for unity was at hand

when you came, many flew in
sincerest sympathy and help were flooded
helping hands and strong ties were driven
overwhelming gratitude from different countrymen
men and women
rich and poor
from different places around the globe
pledged for one move
and that is to lend a hand and improve
thy place of devastation where a single move is a major cure

you showed thee that everyone’s heart is pure
to give some remedy to the poor
of how everyone can be a tool
to fixate something that was doomed
blessed are we, for we found strength
to stand still and mend
the wounds of this storm through your hands
i must commend
we’re one nation, one world
after all

when you came you made us feel hopeless but when you left you showed the power of progress through this people, and to everyone
who’s been battling its way out through the storm

you wished you have done something instead of doing nothing.

I think each and every people has their stand towards whatever issues given. Early this morning i went to church to attend a Sunday mass then at the homily RH Bill was merely the topic, at the end of the ceremony there was a signage petition for pro life, anti rh bill that was supported by most. After I signed my instinct drove me to the idea that i might have want to share the experience and took a photo of the whole activity. then after i did that an old lady approached me and told me “from where are you?” then i answered, “is there something wrong, must i delete it, i would’ve just want to share this to my readers and express my clamor towards my stand of anti RH bill. the woman seemed to be unconvinced, then i told her, it’s a private page where i can express my realms, i believe every one of us has the right to do so, either form where you are, who you are and what you are up to. people approached me and i just told them “it’s my stand and am ought to share it”. then i left with a realization that why limit the ability to express, when you knew that each and every people is different, we may have oppositions yet at times our goal is to live out the truth and be freed.

As to my stand on rh bill, I know it is a sensitive issue today here in the Philippines yet, i would’ve rather dig into morality than economy. if some politicians are into economic stability, population control and whatsoever, you might have just learn how to balance morality and economy, knowing how intelligent you are would’ve pave the way for the goodness, fairness of the majority than to the narrowed success of the few. many issues are at most importance than this why not focus on the things that matters, than pushing those edges towards grudges. 

Today is different from yesterday, the youth of today are exposed into many worldly things, and in my opinion implementing the rh bill would’ve provoked more problems, issues of morality, unity and so on. They say ignorance can kill a wanderer yet if ignorance is fought with values and morality it would’ve been more geared towards righteousness, you can never go wrong or do wrong.

as I have said I am nobody but am ought to speak up for what I believe is right than to be stagnant and tied with those idea that you wished you have done something instead of doing nothing. 

The Freedom Of Social Media

In my opinion this law / bill can take place. today, people are fond of using social medias; to express themselves, to say whatever they want, to catch up, to mingle and at times to quarrel over something posted. I don’t get it why some people are into trash talks, bashing, and disrespecting online. maybe now is the right time to face the truth, that let us not abuse the freedom of social media, let’s be responsible enough on what to say, I myself has been a victim of such; trash talks, integrity and my reputation were tested, by just a simple Facebook status. Oh well that’s reality or call it a fad I guess.

Let’s keep in mind that no one will be sent to jail if not proven to commit a crime. Libel is a huge thing and for such, it takes a greater responsibility if proven guilty thorough investigation, and interrogation and the whole law process I guess will take place in order to prove the innocence or so if one is convicted. I believe this law can help, it can be an evidence towards something humiliating, towards something abusing. i think lets just open our eyes and consider the thought that this law can have advantages and would benefit the common public maybe the freedom of speech is at stake but what is freedom if everyone is into bashing, if everyone is into hating and disrespecting where is the spirit of unity and democracy there. why can’t we just use our medias in a most moral and fruitful way than to spice our pages with rumors, rants, gossips and stuffs. some may call it boring if such things aren’t posted into your walls  yet hello! are you out of your mind. people might have just learn that thing called “mind your own business, run your own life”. and thus just simply be responsible enough

Posting your musings, problems, shout-outs is not bad, but if intending to hurt others is your goal, then think twice, thrice or just never mind the act.just like what I’ve read a few days ago “face your problems not your Facebook.” isn’t it refreshing to read peaceful and intelligent status or posts.  as they say “never talk or decide on one thing when your mad”. I believe, trash talks comes from anger, from uncertainty and consider it insanity. we’re given this enough freedom to talk about things, to state our opinions, and again let’s not use it in a murderous way that our words can even kill an innocent soul.

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