Letting Go

Maybe it’s the broken piece that holds me back,
It is the same piece that pierced my soul
It is the same piece that left a hole
A hole that was emptied for so long ago
A hole left to be as numb as before
Perhaps it could be the stab at my back
The stab that broke my heart into half
Half, that I can’t rebuild it again
Half that I forgot how to forgive and be forgiven
But who am I to keep this wound
For I know it will heal and I’ll eventually feel good
For nothing is permanent in this cruel world
But to please allow me, to say this words
Pierced or stabbed
Half or whole
I am finally letting you and all this, go




If I would be lost for words, I’d seek for what is within

If I may have lost myself, I’d seek for what is at hand

If I have no place to run, I’d walk slowly and find my way through the sun

And if I would write again

I would say thank you for 365 days of strong-willed power of writing

For expressing what is within

For finding what tends to be hidden

And realizing that there has to be no end

For something that God has bestowed me and made me driven

To satisfy and embellish what is given             

With ain’t no potential, pride and mischief to be proven

Again I thank you all for what is, was, has been written.                 

Morning Sun


morning sun hear me sing

with this power of faith within

and the burning passion I’m feeling

hear me sing

with this fresh air I’m breathing

and this goodness I’m feeling

quench my thirst and my grieving

for there is nothing left but believing

that as the sun will rise

I will be freed and becoming…

someone, or something

worth living

with everything that’s inside me

is the truth that defy s me,

the reality that molds me,

and the real person that haunts me 

under this tree in front of this beautiful sea

I can foresee…

that there is hope that awaits me 

Lit the Fire


One night at the middle of darkness

Frightened and filled with sadness

Frail and weak, fear was conceived

Strength was drawn with nothing perceived


Blinded and filled with emptiness

Covered with such pain and loneliness

Feeble and indecisive

Lost with those ego and id


Lit the fire, light up the night

Burning woods and smokes were high

Ignite thy feeling and let thee fly

Dignified and with pride

At the middle of this dark night

I found thy way and light

Through this fire

I’ve found thy way to thrive  

Black Night

blank stare, wicked night

against those lights behind is fright

then you came in, and held my hand as tight

from nowhere you made everything feel right

black dress, and a wicked scheme

behind those lights, you saw me cry

wiped thy tears and fought for those fears

gaze into my eyes, you were the night’s surprise

breaking free, with ain’t no price

you were there to entice and seemed to be nice

a grip, a look from a far

you were there for me,

even if leaving you is what would set us free



In Time

it’s been years, and i still can’t get through this tears

counting the months, and it’s been you that i can’t replace 

everyday, seemed to be a day anew

with this thoughts of you that’s been haunting my soul

in every hour, i can’t stop thinking of you, of where you are and what you’re going through 

with every minute of my life, am ought to spend it with this simple joy inside my head…

that i adore you, since then and till today, it’s true 

for a second i stumble, and asked myself to why i love you this harder

is it not better to just forget with ain’t no regret

and live a lovely life with ain’t no fret

in time, i believe I’ll seek all the answers

in due time, i’m ought to swallow all this and conquer

with this love I’ve created and falter 

that reigns inside of me forever

and in the right time, i will realize…

that all this time i was just a wanderer

The older the anger, the deeper

when I was young, I’m ought to be as tough 

courageous and brave enough, to face all roughs 

when I was young, I saw them all,

their cruel side and odd

those scenarios where everything seemed as wrong 

everything has lived inside my heart and my head for long 

now that I’m older 

did i became tougher 

was i that strong and bolder 

or was i the victim of my own anger

spare my thoughts

lift thy soul 

though I’ve tried to resist

to vanish and dismiss

all these musings, sentiments and or ease…

oh help me to forgive 

but most of, help me to forget

for i hate the feeling of regret

where i can’t even tell her 

that I’ve forgive her, or did i 

missed the chance to see her or just listen to her 

now that I’m older 

i just want my pride to falter 

and tell her that I’ve missed her or just thank her

after all,

i am only human

younger or even older 

i’m ought to surrender

i don’t want to suffer or thy emotion to ponder 

i just want to feel better

and be thrilled

free from this anger

and ready to forgive her 

When It’s a Game Fit for Two

when it’s a game fit for two

with no rules and don’t know what to do

resist it, don’t play the game

but if you’re brave enough and tamed 

take the risk and stick on with the game

when it’s a game fit for two

with no standards or norms to follow

be thrilled, go on and play

but don’t wish something would’ve stayed

even a snap or a glimpse of attachment that could stain

could stain an unblemished heart with uncertainty

just hid all the reasons

throughout the season

with freewill and ain’t no anticipation

assumptions or expectations

go on with the game

but if the consequence is as uncertain

be willed and face it

strong enough and admit it

for you don’t know

it might have been playing this game

that i may win or lose

courageous and bruised

truthful or used

and that it is between me and you

and this game fit for two

that lead thy emotions to ponder

and even wonder…

maybe it’s like I’m starting to like you 

I would not entertain another

Last full show

And am exhausted

Ain’t no excitement at all


Ain’t  no willingness to entertain at all

Last full show

Curtains closed

I have no interest to mingle after the show

Nor to entertain any stranger

For the wholeness of the show

Is over

And am not into re-opening another  

For I have loved the previous more

The upcoming is not exciting

And thy too much pre-occupied           


Try another show

Curtains closed

And you’re not welcome 

The Secretary


one day oh Tuesday

it’s gonna be a long day

piled some files on a tray

greeting everyone and saying it’ll be okay

tons of works are ought to stay

being tired and uneasy is all thy can’t convey

the telephone rang, the clients were here

the boss arrived and saying please come in

people rush, all were in a hush,

oh one day oh Tuesday

why too much cramming for today

sat on a desk with a computer on

realizing there’s too much work going on

rekindle a happy thought for not to be bored

for it’ll be a day like no ordinary

pieces of paper, cards and letters

were scattered but there’s more that’s in-stored

keeping calmed and poised

is all thy have in mind

to finish this day amid all noise

ignore thy loud voices, rants and mischief

for this day is thy day

am ought to prove my way

that I’d be able to conquer  everything

that’s in-stored for today