Love is…

When love is gone…
Can I actually go on?
when it’s like every time i hear our song
i still stumble and think of you for quite too long

When love is gone…
Can i just forget how it all began?
when you left and chose to run
I remained silent and never mumbled a sound

When love is gone…
Can it be found?
when it’s buried a hundred feet below the ground
I remained under and seemed to be drowned

When love is gone..
Can I love again?
when everything was poured out onto you my friend
I refrained from trying cause I’m afraid to lose you at the end

When love is gone…
Can i pretend?
when I’m punished by the feelings that I can’t comprehend
I force myself to ignore you to ease the pain and mend

When the love is gone
Can it actually stay?
Even if it is the core that destroys you day by day
without any words to say
i wish that love can stay
for when love is gone
it is where everything has seemed to begun…




take me elsewhere, under the sun or in front of the sea
hid my pain from the grains of sand on my toes
run with me, through this infinite blue sea
wandering all day of what it could be
if you and I haven’t bid our goodbyes
if you and I stood still and never questioned why
take me high, higher than the clouds
touch my heart and feel thy beat
walk with me through this endless beauty
begging you to stay and asking you to please don’t leave me
if you and I were meant for each other
if you and I can stay together forever
perhaps I wouldn’t be struggling alone
walking barefooted under the sun
feeling the heat burning my skin
asking myself where should I begin
now that you’re gone
i have nothing left but this triumphant dream of you
walking and running with me
indulging into this deep blue sea
where love has begun and took its end
with this truthful hopes of one day
you’d take me elsewhere
under the sun or in front of this sea
once again… or never again…

See You Again

What if I’ll see you again?

Would it be easy for me to pretend?

That all these feelings that I had come to an end

Or am I just fooling myself and can’t comprehend

For it’ll be so difficult to mend

If I’ll see you again holding some other’s hand


What if I’ll see you again?

Will I be the same person you’ve met?

Or would you be the same man who made my heart melt

Probably not, or maybe yes

Would it be bearable to be felt?

That I have ample memories left

Of how good and bad this whole thing took its end


I’d rather not see you again

For I’m afraid to feel that love again

Tell me that I can

Forget you and forgive you

In the best way that I can

And rather walk along and never look back again


if I’d allow myself to be drowned again

I’d dive into this deep emotion I’m feeling

that all this time I’m still longing

and that it’s you that I’ve been constantly missing 

if I’d allow myself to be ignorant again

I’d pretend that I never felt that pain

surreal that it almost tangled my vein

and that losing you is what I would gain

unknowingly I stumbled hard and went out of the rain 

some things that I can’t contain

true feelings that remains

lavished by the blue waters

poured by the hard rain

blown by the strong wind and hurricane

please allow me to stay

as in love as this way

saved by this love I feel everyday

that it’s still you that takes my heart away 



Unuttered words clouded on my mind
Empty hopes slipping through my hands
Mumbled phrases remained on my lips
As I’ve watched you walk away

Gasping for air on this humid day
how I wish I still have enough time to say
The way I felt and feel whernever you’re away
Or how I’ve wanted to hold your hand and keep you calmed in any way

Granted that I may say this
With every single thought residing on my head
And those words that remained unsaid
I would tell you that it is sad and time is dead
When I’am alone in bed
Surrounded by this humid air
Embracing me with depth
With ain’t no vast of regret
Succumbed by ample tears that was left
Some real pain that was felt
Still I will not forget
How wonderful is that day, when we first met


just when I thought that it wasn’t real

it suddenly hit me and wounds aren’t bearable to conceal  

with this holes and spaces in between

patiently waiting to be filled

with truthfulness and sincerity to dig in 


I wish that I wasn’t able to feel

this kind of pain that is surreal

that paralyzes my mind and heart

more than just being ill

picking up the pieces, embroidering its parts

forming this broken piece of art 


tell me it’s not a big deal

that it’s just another ordeal

enabling me to feel

how love can grow and how it can easily be killed 

detailed by pieces and cuts

makes you wounded and scarred

for at last

the art of loving someone is conceived by a pain that is surreal 

The Next Day She Became a Mother

one day she was staring at the window, dreaming of a fairy tale with a prince for a happy ever after

the next day she was gleaming in white, walking down the aisle to say “I do” with pride

the other day she was pregnant, expecting for their first-born

the next day she was a mother and in there…

love grew fonder

maturity widens and reality strikes like a thunder

made that everyday of her child better

sacrificed enough to fight those hunger

selfless enough to give that child a future with those ounce of will and power      

disciplined her child to ignite those strength and be braver

the next day she was old, with nothing but a feeling that is cold

will she be freed from those stories untold


that her child forgot how she was mold

that the child forgot those words that made her whole

never said those words and remained untold

so cold,

one day she was also a mother, gleamed in white and had some child

the next day she knew better, that love never dissipates but just gets fonder

that love is never said but done

that being a mother is incomparable, being a child will teach you how to be responsible

for the next day, you will be the mother of a child

and in there you will realize

that everyday is not a dream but a job, a career not a profession

a life well lived filled with genuine love, empathy, and concern

that being a mom, mother, mommy, inay, nanay is a gift

 and one day must not pass without you saying

“Thank you Mom, I love you, having you makes life worth living”

Black Night

blank stare, wicked night

against those lights behind is fright

then you came in, and held my hand as tight

from nowhere you made everything feel right

black dress, and a wicked scheme

behind those lights, you saw me cry

wiped thy tears and fought for those fears

gaze into my eyes, you were the night’s surprise

breaking free, with ain’t no price

you were there to entice and seemed to be nice

a grip, a look from a far

you were there for me,

even if leaving you is what would set us free



from the bunch… i choose y’all

would you rather be with whom

a bunch of smart kids from the urban

with nothing but thick books and journals at hand

classroom honors and quiz-bee masters 

with “silence please” all around 

or would you be with the…

popular, the rich kids from the city

with nothing at hand but bunch of money

partying till dawn, wearing tees and shorts all night long 

“easy go lucky” as they call

or would it be better to fit in..

to a group of sexy and pretty girls

boys chase and die for

with nothing at hand but a bag of cosmetics and a huge self mirror

loves going to the mall, dating and giving guys a call

or would you choose…

a team of weird people

loves to stroll around and walk through the woods

loves to talk about anything under the sun without limit

doesn’t care for time just to finish their games

floating ideas all along, mister Newton must jump in

or should it be the…

sports hottie, the sports girls from the gym

where training is their life and NBA is their thing

spending hours for practice

to avoid defeat or miss…

or is it better to….

sit in with the creatives, where pen and paper is their thing

ideas, concepts, and art is what they breath

expressing themselves, sharing stories, lines and poems

mister Shakespeare must sit in

wether or not we know our friends

we love them and we are identified with them

but at times,

people can be friends despite their differences, despite their interests, despite of what they want

i guess that is the magic of friendship

you can go places, you can cross boundaries

you can test your limits

you can be as sassy, crazy or noisy

but at the end of the day

friendship is not about what you share, of what and why you bond

of what keeps you together.. but it’s about

the respect, the trust

the willingness to know each one of your friends whole heartedly

with ain’t no cruel intentions just purity and sincerity

from a bunch we must choose to know each member not to identify the wholeness of it

not in accordance of how you perceived them to be

take time

sit down

call a friend

ask her

is she/he okay, what are her ideas, what does she/he likes

for when you know

you may have chosen the best bunch of people to be with

but you may have lost the best person

because you have acted like it is as if….

you are not interested to know the real story behind each, each one of your friend

never take them for granted

for it is hard to mend and or comprehend

when a true friends is hurt by another friend

it is like living a life of fret

In Time

it’s been years, and i still can’t get through this tears

counting the months, and it’s been you that i can’t replace 

everyday, seemed to be a day anew

with this thoughts of you that’s been haunting my soul

in every hour, i can’t stop thinking of you, of where you are and what you’re going through 

with every minute of my life, am ought to spend it with this simple joy inside my head…

that i adore you, since then and till today, it’s true 

for a second i stumble, and asked myself to why i love you this harder

is it not better to just forget with ain’t no regret

and live a lovely life with ain’t no fret

in time, i believe I’ll seek all the answers

in due time, i’m ought to swallow all this and conquer

with this love I’ve created and falter 

that reigns inside of me forever

and in the right time, i will realize…

that all this time i was just a wanderer