Why Do I?



till we meet again

lying on a firm mattress

thy surrounding is filled with sadness

scented candles, fresh flowers and silence

ain’t no room for happiness

for thy halls shall be wrapped by emptiness

till we meet again, oh never again

those triumph of joy and laughter

makes a collection of perfect memories

and will make us smile when were weary

till we meet again, oh never again

housed in wooden frame beside thy mattress

I’ll bid my farewell and some praises

for you are now in heaven and rejoices

piling this pieces, you’ll surely be missed our dearest

Memories of a Genuine GURU

from a far you look like an action star

confident enough and at times considered to  be arrogant

strange stories are told

that you’re one of the most bully person ever known

with your quirky moves and exquisite remarks

everyone seemed to change their image about you

up close you’re a jolly one, witty, cheerful as they call it

people will just laugh at your jokes

people will just giggle with your rants

and most people will never forget to smile

from a nearer view you’re more than a PT staff

you make your colleagues and interns laugh

even if a day is hard and is tough

you know how to make things bright

it’s like you know everything and anything

either inside or outside the practice

plus the comedy twist of course

you’re into photography, cooking and sports

just like what you always say, they are just your hobbies

but you can’t beat me in singing haha! just kidding!

competitive enough to run your life

you seemed to be humbled by everything that you have

you’re generous enough and has never flaunted anything that you have

you’re a real person, never a plastic, never involved in  backstabbing

you may make fun of others but you’re not the type who destroys others reputation

you’re one person that will always be an inspiration to young dreamers like me

we look up to you for you know what you want

you work for it, you put the finest efforts, and you reap the rewards

most especially with your love life, the timeless courtship! haha you’re the men!

what an attitude to live a fruitful life

making others laugh is a tough job and at most

touching other people’s lives is a great deal

and now as you’re ought to be with the almighty

it’s like all of us are still in a brief tragedy

shocked and stunned by what happened

yet all good memories and joyous ones are left

praying for your love ones and your soul is

what we’re ought to do

we will miss you our dearest sir!

always and forever

it’s quite hard to lose a genuine GURU, an instructor, a foodies master, a candid comedian, a photo booth master, a karaoke expert, a sports enthusiast, an athlete, a colleague, and most of all a friend