Freeze and Cold

I froze this feeling once in a while
stood through the hazy storm and never asked why
shivering and shaking with a little cry
with whispers of regrets that maybe, “its best if I never tried”

as i mold this solid coldness that wrapped thy heart
soon enough it will be broken into parts
shattered pieces that pierces thy soul
numb enough that the mind can’t understand or know

stagnant cold water, allow this pain to flow
intangible and frigid cold
can it all just melt and unleash that same old glow
for i wish to move forward and grow
despite of this frailness that i know
just like the solid ice or snow
all this shall melt and eventually go…



if I’d allow myself to be drowned again

I’d dive into this deep emotion I’m feeling

that all this time I’m still longing

and that it’s you that I’ve been constantly missing 

if I’d allow myself to be ignorant again

I’d pretend that I never felt that pain

surreal that it almost tangled my vein

and that losing you is what I would gain

unknowingly I stumbled hard and went out of the rain 

some things that I can’t contain

true feelings that remains

lavished by the blue waters

poured by the hard rain

blown by the strong wind and hurricane

please allow me to stay

as in love as this way

saved by this love I feel everyday

that it’s still you that takes my heart away 




If I would be lost for words, I’d seek for what is within

If I may have lost myself, I’d seek for what is at hand

If I have no place to run, I’d walk slowly and find my way through the sun

And if I would write again

I would say thank you for 365 days of strong-willed power of writing

For expressing what is within

For finding what tends to be hidden

And realizing that there has to be no end

For something that God has bestowed me and made me driven

To satisfy and embellish what is given             

With ain’t no potential, pride and mischief to be proven

Again I thank you all for what is, was, has been written.                 


just when I thought that it wasn’t real

it suddenly hit me and wounds aren’t bearable to conceal  

with this holes and spaces in between

patiently waiting to be filled

with truthfulness and sincerity to dig in 


I wish that I wasn’t able to feel

this kind of pain that is surreal

that paralyzes my mind and heart

more than just being ill

picking up the pieces, embroidering its parts

forming this broken piece of art 


tell me it’s not a big deal

that it’s just another ordeal

enabling me to feel

how love can grow and how it can easily be killed 

detailed by pieces and cuts

makes you wounded and scarred

for at last

the art of loving someone is conceived by a pain that is surreal 

Tones of Peace

i just find it so skeptical to lose someone who’s been so rational

tied by tones, melodies, and was fund of those musicals


thank you for making me believe that my instrument is phenomenal

or may be at times dramatically spectacular

indeed someone like you would be remembered

to be as endearing and as joyous

thank you and may you rejoice with our creator

Morning Sun


morning sun hear me sing

with this power of faith within

and the burning passion I’m feeling

hear me sing

with this fresh air I’m breathing

and this goodness I’m feeling

quench my thirst and my grieving

for there is nothing left but believing

that as the sun will rise

I will be freed and becoming…

someone, or something

worth living

with everything that’s inside me

is the truth that defy s me,

the reality that molds me,

and the real person that haunts me 

under this tree in front of this beautiful sea

I can foresee…

that there is hope that awaits me 

Lit the Fire


One night at the middle of darkness

Frightened and filled with sadness

Frail and weak, fear was conceived

Strength was drawn with nothing perceived


Blinded and filled with emptiness

Covered with such pain and loneliness

Feeble and indecisive

Lost with those ego and id


Lit the fire, light up the night

Burning woods and smokes were high

Ignite thy feeling and let thee fly

Dignified and with pride

At the middle of this dark night

I found thy way and light

Through this fire

I’ve found thy way to thrive  

Sturdy as a Tree

it was planted and it has grown

sturdy and strong as all may have known

stood in that same place where no one has dared to go

there were days that has passed and slow

and some nights deprived of that same old glow

but remained still and chose not to go

sheltered from those uncertainties and sorrow

embraced those cold griefs and washed those fears and hallow

there were ample leaves that has fallen

ample hopes that faltered

but did not let thee to be weak and stumble

from the whistling wind

to those heavy storms

till the steadfast breeze of a new day that unfolds

as the years have gone steadfastly

the tree, the same old oak of bark is here

still strong, still sturdy

just like any tree

my dad is as worthy

even if it may be an old bark, an old sturdy tree

its roots has tied me to the ground, keeping me grounded

branching out with truthful hopes and courage

beloved and haunted that forever within me

the tree is as strong as the love that I have for thee

Black Night

blank stare, wicked night

against those lights behind is fright

then you came in, and held my hand as tight

from nowhere you made everything feel right

black dress, and a wicked scheme

behind those lights, you saw me cry

wiped thy tears and fought for those fears

gaze into my eyes, you were the night’s surprise

breaking free, with ain’t no price

you were there to entice and seemed to be nice

a grip, a look from a far

you were there for me,

even if leaving you is what would set us free



Hit by an Arrow

i was hit by an arrow

thought there’ll be no pain

thought that i was brave

i was hit by an arrow

all this time i knew i was numb

yet deep inside i was dumb 

i was hit by an arrow

bleeding inside

hurting can’t subside

i was hit by an arrow

fearful and in sorrow

doubtful of what will happen tomorrow

i was hit by an arrow

envious and being so hilarious

cautious neither be furious

i was hit by an arrow

i hope nothing will follow

i hope to heal even if how slow

or how deep it may go

i was hit by an arrow

take this all away as it flows