Lit the Fire


One night at the middle of darkness

Frightened and filled with sadness

Frail and weak, fear was conceived

Strength was drawn with nothing perceived


Blinded and filled with emptiness

Covered with such pain and loneliness

Feeble and indecisive

Lost with those ego and id


Lit the fire, light up the night

Burning woods and smokes were high

Ignite thy feeling and let thee fly

Dignified and with pride

At the middle of this dark night

I found thy way and light

Through this fire

I’ve found thy way to thrive  


Sturdy as a Tree

it was planted and it has grown

sturdy and strong as all may have known

stood in that same place where no one has dared to go

there were days that has passed and slow

and some nights deprived of that same old glow

but remained still and chose not to go

sheltered from those uncertainties and sorrow

embraced those cold griefs and washed those fears and hallow

there were ample leaves that has fallen

ample hopes that faltered

but did not let thee to be weak and stumble

from the whistling wind

to those heavy storms

till the steadfast breeze of a new day that unfolds

as the years have gone steadfastly

the tree, the same old oak of bark is here

still strong, still sturdy

just like any tree

my dad is as worthy

even if it may be an old bark, an old sturdy tree

its roots has tied me to the ground, keeping me grounded

branching out with truthful hopes and courage

beloved and haunted that forever within me

the tree is as strong as the love that I have for thee

In Time

it’s been years, and i still can’t get through this tears

counting the months, and it’s been you that i can’t replace 

everyday, seemed to be a day anew

with this thoughts of you that’s been haunting my soul

in every hour, i can’t stop thinking of you, of where you are and what you’re going through 

with every minute of my life, am ought to spend it with this simple joy inside my head…

that i adore you, since then and till today, it’s true 

for a second i stumble, and asked myself to why i love you this harder

is it not better to just forget with ain’t no regret

and live a lovely life with ain’t no fret

in time, i believe I’ll seek all the answers

in due time, i’m ought to swallow all this and conquer

with this love I’ve created and falter 

that reigns inside of me forever

and in the right time, i will realize…

that all this time i was just a wanderer


if I were to run, I’d run as fast as i could

I’d go to you

and haunt you

if I was lost and have no place to go

I’d look up and seek for you

if I was hungry with nothing to eat

I’d feed my soul with wisdom and courage to get through

if i were nobody, I’d work hard to be somebody

beyond titles but more of dignity

beyond fame but more of freedom

if i were to run, i’d run as fast as i could

I’ll chase those negatives away

be thrilled and learn throughout my way

I’d be grateful, even if I’m empty-handed

I’d be thankful even if I’ve been through rough

for at the end of every race

my tower of achievement, my victory and reality

is thy will be done

positive, truthful, happy and with peace

would you run as fast? would you?

if i were to run, I’d run as fast as i could

Rise above any Challenge….

i just proved one thing and that is…

if it is for you I’ll be whole-heartedly given and if it is not maybe you have to mend something on your attitude or even your life or the wholeness of thyself 

chances are given to improve ones self

changes are inevitable

guided by wisdom and faith

you’ll never go wrong

just bring it on

keep it going

life is beautiful

keep it strong, truthful and sincere

trust thyself, love thyself

give and forgive

rise when you fall, never get tired, never seek for revenge

and with peace love and extreme happiness

I, You, We shall truly get by…. 

Silence is all thy Can

Invisible, amid thy fall

untouchable, against the odd

uncontrollable, can’t stop the hush

undefinable, surpassing through tough

undeniable, thy won’t give up

thrilled, strong and driven

unbreakable and remarkable

thy will, shall prevail

surviving and believing

even in sorrow and pain

either be broken or naive

even hidden and uneven

will set thy spirit even if how far

with hopes to be forgiven

even at the midst

or thy peak of silence.

succumbed by thee and can…




Bluer than the Sea


the calmness of the sea

vanishes thy soul from uncertainty

the warmness of the sun

embraces thy coldness from within

as the sound of thy waves lingers

thy shore of emotion ponders

and left by all wonder

that today may be bluer

yet it’s ought to be much better