Can I

can I say it’s now over

did I just surrendered

or did I just found the courage to break free

to be real and me

can I say now is the end

I can now go on and mend

all the uncertainties and inanities in me

aiming for the betterment of tomorrow

and some peace from the past

can I say now is the finale

now I can’t be irrational for i have my rationale

to thrive for the best

to seek for the highest ideals

not only for myself but for all of those who believed

who had never doubted, who cared, loved and respected

can I dream and believe it’ll come true

can I try, either be it to succeed or failed

and just travel along the journey of life

reality and possibilities

can I grow

can I have the chance, will i change

can I say

I’ve learned a lot

that lead me to take another path anew

with positive views

hopes and wandering soul

can I say I CAN

for one day I know… I can say I DID IT and CAN….


Silence is all thy Can

Invisible, amid thy fall

untouchable, against the odd

uncontrollable, can’t stop the hush

undefinable, surpassing through tough

undeniable, thy won’t give up

thrilled, strong and driven

unbreakable and remarkable

thy will, shall prevail

surviving and believing

even in sorrow and pain

either be broken or naive

even hidden and uneven

will set thy spirit even if how far

with hopes to be forgiven

even at the midst

or thy peak of silence.

succumbed by thee and can…