Ride through the tide or decide not to dive, make it slip or slide, never wait till it subsides, never set aside what you truly feel inside. -FRG

words and photo by feistyredgirl, photo taken using nikon D3400, post is also available on instagram @feistyredgirl -all rights reserved- 


Small Wander, Small Lagoon!

​Who would’ve thought that turquoise and lush greens could be a perfect combination?

 It was indeed almost noon and the sun is high, the sunlight glims in the shallow waters making the small lagoon’s view even more alluring!

 You have to go kayaking to take a peak on the whole area, while others prefer to swim; me and my friends took the challenge of the paddle and the waters. 

Kayaking made me realize that, patience is a real virtue. For it takes effort to traverse the waters and that is why, patience is a must, but on a lighter note. The breathtaking view of the small lagoon will surely leave you in awe!

The teamwork we had during this whole kayaking thing was incomparable! I am really so blessed to have a really good friend who took good care of me (I must say for the rest of the trip.) for, in order to enjoy the ride. You must be really overjoyed inside and thanks to my partner in crime right here! We made it! (tho it took us a lot of detours and bumps to get right into it! It was definitely a good ride!)

Keep calm, and grab that paddle, we’re going places…

 Undeniably, the Small lagoon is a certified mini paradise at the heart of Miniloc Island.

(photos were taken at Small Lagoon, Miniloc Island, El Nido Palawan Philippines.)

words and photos by feistyredgirl

all rights reserved.

Can you Keep A Secret?

Secret Lagoon was the first stop after a few minutes of boat ride. Since it is the first, everyone seemed to be excited about it, This is where I got my first abrasion. Indeed no pain, no gain. No cuts, no glory.

This was the view inside the Secret Lagoon.


Look above and you’ll see the sun shines in between the rock formation. Truly a work of art.


A pristine and crystal clear beach is found outside of the Secret lagoon. Too bad, we didn’t get to spend more time in this area.


and yes indeed, allow me to use this phrase over and over, it was astoundingly beautiful! Oh God you are mighty! Such a wonderful creation!


For it is where the deepest secret, lies the untold truth… -FRG

(photos taken at Secret Lagoon, El Nido Palawan, Philippines)

words and photos by feistyredgirl All rights reserved.



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Embracing serenity with a positive and grateful heart. 

(photo taken at Shimizu Island, El Nido Palawan Philippines) 

photo and words by feistyredgirl

all rights reserved 

this road towards wherever

it’s been a ride, a pretty long one

with no finite destination

with no direct location

it has been a tough one

a bit rough and slow

a bit fast and smooth

it has never been easy

to stumble and be weary

whenever am bound to be in places that i used to be

filled with memories of some joys and misery

it is quite clingy and sassy

yet just like any journey

once you’ve passed on an old lady

or a cart of fruits in a street that’s busy

or a stranger begging for bits and is silly

it’ll never be as easy to go back

to turn to where and what you’ve passed by

either be it a

busy night, street light

that may be filled with fright or delight

am ought to give thee a good fight

for i hold this dreams so tight

that love. peace and happiness is am ought to find

fast and furious

tough and outrageous

wherever this may lead

wherever i may go

whoever i may be with

this road towards wherever

i’ll just keep believing and pressing on forever

and thy ought not  to surrender

for everything to turn out better



Traces of the sweetest


hand me thy keys

so I can go places

spare me some pieces

for am ought to bring them

and misses…

I’ll just leave some traces

of wondrous joys and kisses

for I might leave

yet everything we had is priceless

and am ought to have them always

no more no less

stay blessed and always be at your best

for life is full of tests

but surely it’ll be the sweetest

Bon Voyage

if someone leaves would you weep

would you bee in grief or in pain as deep

or just be grateful and happy

that ones journey is set to create its own history

fill thy soul with wonderful story

plunge into momentous memory

and rebuild thyself into much integrity

filled with incomparable wit and beauty

strength and dignity

let the world be opted to see

that courage succumbs thee to conquer the world and be

someone, prove something and give everything

with much love to thy friends and family

it may be as sad

and roads may be as rough

that you have to take on the path

to live, love and survive

with the wondrous character that you possess

you’ll surely get by my friend


Bluer than the Sea


the calmness of the sea

vanishes thy soul from uncertainty

the warmness of the sun

embraces thy coldness from within

as the sound of thy waves lingers

thy shore of emotion ponders

and left by all wonder

that today may be bluer

yet it’s ought to be much better