The Lyricist


on a crumpled sheet of paper

with a dark pen and some letter

a hymn of melody came out

and the lyricist broke down

sealed with tears and piety

geared with passion and emotion

longing and yearning were plotted in a form

the notes were so high

and some were too low

flats and sharps aren’t avoided

surely can’t get rid of any mistake

the beat and its tempo

its pitch and its rhyme

collaborated with the feeling

of empathy and sincerity

plotted in a sheet

with a G clef and do re mi

the music flew out naturally

with the lyricist in uncertainty

made thy song with originality



Why I write?

if you are not brave enough to speak up for what you feel. grab your pen and a sheet of paper write them in a way you could set you heart free.

i’m not a grammar expert! i don’t even read books that much yet my heart, my emotion, my reality and ideals are my tools to come up with such creations

it’s like my blue book has quite weird writings thou they were from years ago and all are just memories today

random thoughts are my keys. and of how i perceive them to be makes me wanting the world to see

i find it brave enough to post them today cause i know

it will set the highest ideals to be freed from all uncertainties

yet am ought to and willing to create new ones everyday. it makes me excited enduringly

writing is one thing that i enjoy! i feel free! alive and inspired. some may find it weird but for me it could be my river of out-flowing thoughts towards extinction, distinction breaking boundaries beyond imagination.