The Lost Thief

what if you’re on the streets

looking for  something to eat

walked for hours on  bare feet

hunger, hungry as they call it

with no centavos or a penny to keep

just to survive the day under the sun’s heat

what if you’re ought to sleep

in a place as dump as a creek

with dust and gravel on your shirt as tint

with no blanket or pillow just a piece of paper sheet

lying under the dark skies mist

tracing the stars and wandering on the moon that’s big

that lights thy darkness that wraps the evening

with thy hopes of waking up safe in the morning

what if you lose yourself  in a snap

that you have nothing to do but just have some nap

with an empty hand and empty stomach

tell thee how can one fight the danger of a thief at his back

innocent minds and thriving souls

have no tools but just surrounded by fools

unleashed by values and relies on luck

instilled and persuaded that this is where thy all be stuck

corrupted by foes and frightened by some huge trucks

realizing how unfair life is at times and it sucks

thy fallacy and misconception must be cracked

what if you just run through the traffic lights

chasing those vehicles with a piece of rag

begging for a cent to buy some piece of bread

to gasp for air even that one last breath

but never end a life and don’t forget

there’s much in-stored to be happier than fret

it may be difficult but never be upset

just like any young brave souls on the streets

facing thy each day with the love of sunset

let’s survive, thrive for something to eat

for a much nicer place to sleep

with intact values and standards to deal with

faith, respect and trust to keep

and never ever live a life that’s mischief

for in a snap you might be shocked by a tip

that you might have become the lost thief…






guilty beyond unreasonable doubt

if loving you is a crime then let me be convicted

if letting you go is a mistake then let me be right

if ignoring you is a sin then let me be perished

but if keeping you inside me is all i could do

i’d rather imprison you inside me

till everything vanish..

till the day i’d be persecuted

accused or abused

or may be judged

as guilty beyond unreasonable doubt

that it is you that i can’t live without