Would you rather be What?

I was just enticed by a simple talk from our professor; she was talking about a carrot, a coffee bean and a hard-boiled egg in a hot-pot of boiling water. She compared the boiling water to a situation where in everything seemed to be uneasy, crucial and unpredictable, while she paralleled the carrot, the egg and the coffee bean to the people who are under such difficult situation.

The question was, would you rather be a carrot, a coffee bean or a hard boiled egg?

Having a difficult situation in one’s life is unavoidable thus it makes us stronger, it helps us grow and molds us to be better, but what if everything seemed to be so unpredictable, what would you tend to be, or how would you cope up with the situation?

A carrot on a hot-pot tends to be softened, weakened, and deformed.  In a situation that the carrot is into, it tends to just surrender and let the hot water mold its core and just do nothing at all. Where in nothing can’t be driven out of, and where everything seemed to be impossible, people just like the carrots tend to give up, tend to be lax and do nothing, softened by the situation, weakened by the circumstances, now, would you be a carrot?

On the other hand, a hard boiled egg was also on the same pot of boiling water. Obviously you would consider it to be strong, tough and brave. But have you considered that the egg’s shell is still fragile, breakable and weak.  It may have deceived you of its solid core but deep inside it’s still tender and soft. At times people may tend to establish their strongest core, but most of the time they tend to forget what’s inside. And eventually that makes them weaker, for they don’t know their missing out the most important thing and that is to draw the strength from inside than to ponder your strength to cover the weakness on the outside. Now would you be a hard boiled egg?

Lastly, a coffee bean was dumped into the boiling water and what will it do? Eventually it will be mixed up with the water, as they say it will bring out the best in the situation. Its granules will be scattered but in turn will produce an outcome that will fit the water, making it more productive and visible, it may have not considered the weakness and strength drawn from it, but instead it tends to blend in and made the best result out of the worst situation

Now what? Would you rather choose to be as what?

Maybe it’s easy to say that being a coffee bean would be the best choice, but have you realized that at times being a weak carrot or being a fragile egg would mold you to be the best person you can be. In every situation given, any conflicts, troubles and problems we tend to bend our core and struggle to be the best person after the warm situation. After all that boiling water will be cooled, just like our lives, not every day is a hot boiling point, we just have to be the best person that we can for us to fit the situation, surpassing the chaos, regaining dignity, establishing stability and living a life full of dignity.


The older the anger, the deeper

when I was young, I’m ought to be as tough 

courageous and brave enough, to face all roughs 

when I was young, I saw them all,

their cruel side and odd

those scenarios where everything seemed as wrong 

everything has lived inside my heart and my head for long 

now that I’m older 

did i became tougher 

was i that strong and bolder 

or was i the victim of my own anger

spare my thoughts

lift thy soul 

though I’ve tried to resist

to vanish and dismiss

all these musings, sentiments and or ease…

oh help me to forgive 

but most of, help me to forget

for i hate the feeling of regret

where i can’t even tell her 

that I’ve forgive her, or did i 

missed the chance to see her or just listen to her 

now that I’m older 

i just want my pride to falter 

and tell her that I’ve missed her or just thank her

after all,

i am only human

younger or even older 

i’m ought to surrender

i don’t want to suffer or thy emotion to ponder 

i just want to feel better

and be thrilled

free from this anger

and ready to forgive her 

you wished you have done something instead of doing nothing.

I think each and every people has their stand towards whatever issues given. Early this morning i went to church to attend a Sunday mass then at the homily RH Bill was merely the topic, at the end of the ceremony there was a signage petition for pro life, anti rh bill that was supported by most. After I signed my instinct drove me to the idea that i might have want to share the experience and took a photo of the whole activity. then after i did that an old lady approached me and told me “from where are you?” then i answered, “is there something wrong, must i delete it, i would’ve just want to share this to my readers and express my clamor towards my stand of anti RH bill. the woman seemed to be unconvinced, then i told her, it’s a private page where i can express my realms, i believe every one of us has the right to do so, either form where you are, who you are and what you are up to. people approached me and i just told them “it’s my stand and am ought to share it”. then i left with a realization that why limit the ability to express, when you knew that each and every people is different, we may have oppositions yet at times our goal is to live out the truth and be freed.

As to my stand on rh bill, I know it is a sensitive issue today here in the Philippines yet, i would’ve rather dig into morality than economy. if some politicians are into economic stability, population control and whatsoever, you might have just learn how to balance morality and economy, knowing how intelligent you are would’ve pave the way for the goodness, fairness of the majority than to the narrowed success of the few. many issues are at most importance than this why not focus on the things that matters, than pushing those edges towards grudges. 

Today is different from yesterday, the youth of today are exposed into many worldly things, and in my opinion implementing the rh bill would’ve provoked more problems, issues of morality, unity and so on. They say ignorance can kill a wanderer yet if ignorance is fought with values and morality it would’ve been more geared towards righteousness, you can never go wrong or do wrong.

as I have said I am nobody but am ought to speak up for what I believe is right than to be stagnant and tied with those idea that you wished you have done something instead of doing nothing. 

What is your Statement?

sometimes the things that we want are the things that we actually don’t need

sometimes the things that completes us are the ones that makes us feel incomplete 

but never the less, there is always satisfaction on the side

contentment and fulfillment of ones pride

sometimes dreaming is misleading

sometimes doubting is addicting 

but never the less, expectations can do no good

ambitions can be rude

if there ain’t no determination and hard-work was poured

sometimes a stranger can be a good friend, but a good friend can be a stranger too

trust, understanding and respect makes ones friendship stronger

attitude, sincerity and care ties the knot as tight

but dishonesty, cruelty, and selfishness puts up a good fight

sometimes forgiving is possible but forgetting is not

sometimes the past can be ignored but the pain still lives on 

open-mindedness, positivism and charm can vanish all that was left behind

but the truth, the reality that resides can’t be hid forever

as they say, “the truth, will always prevail”

sometimes sacrifice is worth the wait but patience is not an easy trait 

inspiration can uphold you to stand for long

intuition can deceive you for not too long

but at the end

it’s the price that you get after all

we may be very idealistic, of everything that might happen, but as we go on, let us not forget what is set for today, for your here is your now, and your now is your everything and your everything is your life. live it love it and deal with it 

The Lost Thief

what if you’re on the streets

looking for  something to eat

walked for hours on  bare feet

hunger, hungry as they call it

with no centavos or a penny to keep

just to survive the day under the sun’s heat

what if you’re ought to sleep

in a place as dump as a creek

with dust and gravel on your shirt as tint

with no blanket or pillow just a piece of paper sheet

lying under the dark skies mist

tracing the stars and wandering on the moon that’s big

that lights thy darkness that wraps the evening

with thy hopes of waking up safe in the morning

what if you lose yourself  in a snap

that you have nothing to do but just have some nap

with an empty hand and empty stomach

tell thee how can one fight the danger of a thief at his back

innocent minds and thriving souls

have no tools but just surrounded by fools

unleashed by values and relies on luck

instilled and persuaded that this is where thy all be stuck

corrupted by foes and frightened by some huge trucks

realizing how unfair life is at times and it sucks

thy fallacy and misconception must be cracked

what if you just run through the traffic lights

chasing those vehicles with a piece of rag

begging for a cent to buy some piece of bread

to gasp for air even that one last breath

but never end a life and don’t forget

there’s much in-stored to be happier than fret

it may be difficult but never be upset

just like any young brave souls on the streets

facing thy each day with the love of sunset

let’s survive, thrive for something to eat

for a much nicer place to sleep

with intact values and standards to deal with

faith, respect and trust to keep

and never ever live a life that’s mischief

for in a snap you might be shocked by a tip

that you might have become the lost thief…






Chase and Hide

A girl seemed to be disturbed with a scar found on her right knee, every time she sees the scar, flood of childhood memories reigns, either good or bad. the girl has strived not to be bothered by that scar yet every time she goes out, people around her would have remind her everything about that scar, quite annoying yet the girl seemed to deal with it all along.


The scar was from an accident happened when she was quite younger as her age today. the girl is fond of going around, chasing, traveling even at her age she seemed to be acquainted to anyone easily, friendly, jolly. Yet despite that, she has no exception to being hurt, to being blamed either being judged or accused. she just don’t know what to do, forgive her cause she’s young….


at times playing is fun, meeting different players of different characters, having good and even clever playmates. That is a part of a game winning or loosing, but is the price worth the effort?.. the time??.. at times playing seemed to be everything but ones a bruise comes out or abrasions are present, the scar and memory behind it is not as easy to be healed…


Dealing with a scar has always been so difficult the girl tried to hide it to everyone yet it’s like a stigma, in scripted always, wherever she goes. it is more of like her past hunts her down, but later the girl had realized that the scar is a 50-50. 50% pain,  50% joy. The girl had realized that she is the one responsible about it. in the first place it is her choice that lead her to where she had been, and had lead her to where it has ended. a game may be fun yet can be a thief, you can either be in a snake pit or in a heaven and hell scenario but to top it all, at least you played the game, you learned, you knew up to where is your limit and your pace.


a scar from a game or an accident will always be there, reminding you that ones in your life, you were brave enough to try, even if it hurts, or even if it had turned to be game over at least, you were there to stand up from where you fell. And walked ahead moving on.. Ignoring what other people has to say about a scar.. that is so obscene and so superficial…


I wrote this last July 31, 2012 at 11:54pm


an escape from reality, is what she wants,
an illusion of uncertainty is where she would prefer to stay,
being so numb is all she has always been…
being unhappy never had set her heart free…

where could she be if all she knew is to obey,
live by the rules that cuts her heart into halves
slices her dreams into pieces, that makes her soul tremble inside a hallow glass,
making her believe that, dreaming is all that she could ever hold on

what if she’s just torn, in between the lines,
caught in the middle having no escape at all..
yelling for acceptance, chances and time
to prove something that she’s also worth at anything..

yet everything’s so unfair, for she lacks some tons of stuff..
to live by what she want and be free from all endeavor and must..
must always stay on a shadow of selfish hearts…
living for themselves forgetting hers as time goes..

shall it always be like these, when she had tried so hard to be so loved..
has been kind and obedient, yet suffering and crying,
for all the consequences that life has thrown..
unprepared with the reality that has always been shown…

I wrote this on last : July 29, 2009 at 11:05pm

-a piece of poem for those who aren’t happy for where they are, yet they have no choice at all, for reality is telling them, where they really should be, after at… 😦